Wednesday, July 18, 2007


we meet again.

last night i had this weird dream...i was in the middle of somewhere with somebody i dont know who. and to my suprise, i saw him, the person that once affected my life. it was some kind of a gathering with my friends talking and laughing (macam kenduri kawin). then this weird feeling suddenly came, gosh how i hate this feeling to come again...

oh God why cant i just forget him totally? why was him in my dream?stupid stupid stupid!!!!

oh God i feel guilty.....HELP!
p/s: this little girl now is 1 year and 3 months old.
started walking very the late....around 1 month ago
very talkative, adorable yet very stubborn.
LOVE of my LIFE....muahhhsssss!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

my big superfreak thing!

it's been a while since i jot down a few words (or shall i say, a few other people's words) in here. anyway, what a life i've been thru, there are ups and downs, but above all, everything goes as i planned (and again, as i thought i would be..)
Harry Potter is out. cant wait to watch it (hey, who cares whether it is another stupid saga). as far as i know, watching all Harry Potter's movies are no stupid. they are all brilliant piece of work that no other movies cant even challenge (i am a big fan of all craps and supernatural and highly imaginated story, so bare with me).
it is sad though to know this is the fifth (and of course only to find out that sirius died in this movie) movie, but to be honest, reading the books are more challenging than watching the movies. if you only watch without having any input whatsoever, you will feel ok but for me, i felt a bit dissatisfied when a few plots in the book are not visualised in the film. sad but maybe J.K. Rowling's wild unourdinary visions are far to be reached. maybe....
will tell you more what i feel, what i think after i watch the back soon!